Hello everyone,

With the ups and downs of the economy that seem to be getting steeper and steeper I have for years been looking for ways to become more self sufficient in my lifestyle. I grew up with a mentality of preparation. My folks were children at the tail end of the Great Depression and lived through the privations during the Second World War. I learned at an early age the value of putting up food for the winter, even if I did not appreciate pulling weeds from the garden. Either way I learned valuable lessons of food cultivation, raising small animals for meat and food preservation. Of course fishing and hunting was a part of that too. I also believe that God is the main provider of all that comes into our lives and I am seeking to honor Him and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my business as well, while the stuff of life comes from the kind providence of God I know that most often it doesn’t drop out of the sky, but that He uses His means of grace to accomplish His provision through giving gifts and abilities to humanity in order to work out His plan for our lives: For our good and for His glory.

I have always wanted to learn how to make knives and a partnership developed and became Deer Creek Forge. As often happens events and interests change and I found myself the sole owner of Deer Creek Forge in October of 2015 and I have been working on increasing DCF’s quality and appearance while still striving to keep a handmade look to my products while striving also to keep costs down. I have learned how to do some leather work and at one time we offered blades only leaving the customer to find sheath for them. Once I took the reins of the business one of the executive decisions that I made was that no knife was going to leave my shop without pants ever again and so now I offer hand sewn sheaths with most of my products.

I have tried my hand at making and marketing longbows but that got put on the back burner because I wanted to learn how to make my own knives. I hope to one day go back to that and make some longbows with custom hammer forged broad heads on wooden shafts with turkey feather fletching as another product category as time rolls on. Leather bracers with small mini caper style knives to be worn on the wrist are also something to come. But right now my focus needs to stay on the main thing: Heirloom quality edged tools at a price most anyone can afford.

Keep an eye out in the not too distant future of offerings of my blades in other tool steels as well. The first to arrive will be what has become my flagship knife: The Kephart that will be offered in different steels other than 1095 so keep an eye out for old styles in new steel.

In the mean time, I want to thank you for your support.